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Think about it !

posted by musaib on 9th October 2011 - 0 comments
Assalamualaikum wrwb When we built a home we make sure we have a bathroom. nowadays we have very marble decorative bathrooms but we use it just for the nature's call and we use it only for few minutes we just dont go and sit there for whole day. In the same way Allah has send us to this world which is very decorative to spend less time in the attraction of the world and concentrate more on akhirat. If someone sits in bathroom for the whole day what we will call him ...? in the same way if we spend our whole life on this dunya, then same answer applies to this question as above question . Allah’s Messenger (saw) `Blessings and Peace be upon him’ said: “My similitude and that of the life of this world is that of a traveler who took a rest at mid-clay under a shade of a tree and then left it.” (Narrated by Ahmad, At-Tirmidhi Ibn Majah and Al-Haakim)

Lifetime Opportunity

posted by musaib on 7th August 2011 - 0 comments
You have been given an opportunity of a lifetime. A business operates twenty four hours a day. The owner wishes to take a holiday and has requested you to run the business for one month. The arrangement is that for every second that you will personally man the business, you will get paid twenty rands. If you have to leave the business for any necessity, the person who relieves you will get the money for the duration of time that you are out! You have obviously grabbed the opportunity with open arms. OVER-TIME First let the above scenario settle in the mind. Now imagine that the month of running the business has just commenced. A close friend phones to invite you to a lavish function. “You must come,” he urges. Your almost spontaneous reply would perhaps be: “I am sorry but I am very busy and will not be able to attend.” The first weekend comes. Your children want to “go out for a drive.” “Not today. I am very busy,” says their father. The children’s mother also wholeheartedly agrees. After all she is also dreaming every night about what she will do with the twenty rands per second that her husband is earning. Hence she does not ask to be taken anywhere. How can she even think of it. Twenty rands per second — and just for one month only! And you … well obviously you are working beyond the limits of overtime. No time to eat in peace. Only the minimal amount of sleep. No shopping. No “drives.” No time to sit around with friends over coffee. And entertainment? Whatever is that? The very word sounds unfamiliar. All this due to the once in a lifetime opportunity of earning twenty rands per second for one month. ANSWER ON DAY OF JUDGEMENT Yet, if the person who slogged for the entire month to earn twenty rands per second … passes away on the thirtieth day, the wealth he earned will be of no use to him. He cannot take it along to his grave. If he does live to use it, the tax-man will be there to first take his share. He will have to worry about how to protect his wealth. Besides this, he will have to answer on the Day of Judgement about how he earned it and where he spent it. Generally, despite the abovementioned problems we will grab the opportunity of running the business for one month.

sheikh mohammed al yaqoubi-LOVING THE DUNYA

posted by musaib on 8th January 2011 - 0 comments
[url-] "So beware of this land (the dunya) that is falling down and is misleading and deceiving, being decorated by its deceit and having eluded (others) by its delusion, and having killed its people with its hopes. It looks forward with anticipation towards the one who proposes to it for marriage. Hence it becomes like the unveiled bride - all the eyes are looking towards it, and the souls are in love with it, and the hearts are captivated by it." [Related by Abu Nu'aym in al-Hilyah Indeed he was true in his words, as we are all guilty of the crime of being deceived by the dunya with its beauty and glamour. Some of us were fortunate to get out, praise be to Allah, while others have wandered off into the everlasting dark tunnel that had no light at its beginning and has no light at its end, and the only thing that will allow him to leave is death itself. Refuge is sought with Allah, the Most High, from such an evil ending. And know for a fact that no matter how much good you may see in this dunya, in reality it is just a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing. Had there been any good in it, then Allah, the Beneficent, would have made it a place of reward, and place of dissension of His mercy but rather Allah only sent one of His mercies upon the earth through which we are kind to one another, and rather He has made it a place of trial and tribulation and a true prison for the believer. Likewise, had there been good in it we would have seen the Prophet, peace be upon him, being attached to it and living in its luxuries but rather he sacrificed it all with full certainty in that which will come after is better and everlasting. Thus, he said: "The dunya is cursed. Cursed is all that is in it except for the remembrance of Allah, and that which resembles it, a scholar, and a student (of knowledge)." [Related by Tirmidhee, Ibn Maajah, and Bayhaqi
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