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If you have an Ottoman bed then a word of advice do not try to open it without the mattress.

If you're bed is open and and Stuck in that position then you've come to the right place,

Follow this and you're bed will be functioning as per usual. (Inshallah)

(Read from Point 3 if bed is already assembled- Point 2 if mattress not on bed)

1) Assemble the bed according to the guide which is given and assemble
the struts as y....
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Someone asked [b]Hassan Al Basri(ra) :

"What is the secret of your piety..?"

He replied , "I understood 4 things:

1. I understood my rizq cannot be taken by anyone so my heart contended..

2. I understood no one can do my actions ( worship) so I started doing them myself.

3. I understood Allah Ta'ala is watching me, so I felt shame to do wrong

4. I understood death is waiting for me so I started to prepare f....
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My grandfather took me out to a fish pond when I was about seven,
and he told me to throw a stone into the water.
He told me to watch the circles created by the stone.
Then he asked me to think of myself as that stone.
He said, "You may create lots of splashes in your life but the waves that come from those splashes
will disturb the peace of all your fellow creatures."
Remember that you ....
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If I teach a child to read at school, I'm called a Teacher.
If I teach my child to read Qur'aan and his sunnah Du'aaz at home, then I'm just a mother.

If I plan lessons for a class, I'm called a Curriculum Coordinator.
If educate my child at home, then I'm just a mother.

If I sit and talk to children an hour each, a week, addressing their needs, I'm a Speech Therapist.
If I engage and help my child with sabr every minute of every day, instill pr....
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