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» 26th April 2010
Shaitan and Yahya (AS)
Once, the accursed Satan manifested himself before the Prophet Yahya Ibn Zakariya (a.s). Observing that he had in his possession numerous ropes, Yahya (a.s) inquired: “O' Iblis! What are these ropes that you hold in your hand?” Satan replied: “These ropes are the various attachments, inclinations and lusts that I have found in the children of Adam.” Yahya (a.s) asked: 'Does there exist a rope for me too?' Satan said: 'Yes. When you satiate yourself with food, you experience weightiness and it is for this reason you become disinclined with respect to your prayers, dhikr and supplications.' Hearing this, Yahya (a.s) vowed: 'By Allah! Never shall I eat to my fill, ever again.' Iblis responded by pledging: “By Allah! Never shall I advise anyone, ever again.” Iblis Nameh, vol. 1, pg. 35; Mahasin Barqi, pg. 439
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