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» 29th September 2009
Hadith on Cupping / Hijama
» posted by abu mohammed on 29th September 2009 - 5 comments


9 Mar 2011
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As salaamu alaykum.

After reciving cupping am in pain from when she done so on the lower neck area. As did a previous sister also hurt mme from doing cupping. For further treatments should i find another cupper due to this?
Blogger's Reply:
Salaam. it would be best to speak to a professional cupper. I am not a practitioner nor a scholar. Jazakallah Khair.
19 Sep 2012
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Adnan Amjad
Hijama is Blood cupping, it dont hurt if done correctly, no side effects
4 Nov 2013
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Abu Manha
why shd we doubt it. it was done by pur Prophet Mohammad Salal la ho alhayai walai hee wasalam.
that shd be enough for us.
above hadeeths are mention and source is mentioned too.
strange we can take mdicne with out giving it any tght but when it comes to Sunnah we think n doubt it.
Allaah Hu Akbar.

May Allaah grant us accpet su among righteous people. grant us bless us with deep understanding.
13 Apr 2015
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Faizool Khan Dip HCT,CCM

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