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» 2nd March 2012
Bishr al-Hafi (RA) - The Barefooted Saint
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Read from "Pearls from the Path [volume] 2" compiled by Maulana Afzal Ismail
Narrated in Kitaab ut Tawabeen pg 223

Bishar al Haafi [رحمه الله] at a glance:

-Muslim saint born near Merv [in Egypt] in 767 C.E
-A teacher of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal [رحمه الله]
-A student of Al-Fudayl ibn Iyad رحمه الله who in turn was a student of Imam Abu Hanifa [رحمه الله]

Note: There is also another story narrated about him perfuming the name of Allah written on a peice of paper during jahiliyah, and then Allah gave him hidayah. Allah knows best, this was the one I came across, therefore i shared it.


During the days when Bishar al Haafi [رحمه الله] had not received spiritual guidance, he was once in a gathering of friends at his home.

In the midst of the noise, liquor, music and frivolity a pious man happened to pass by and knocked at the door. A slave girls answered and he asked "Is the owner of this house a freeman or a slave". She said "He is a freeman". He replied "Off course, had he been a slave he would have opted the manners of a true servant and kept away from such futile and frivolous forms of entertainment". Bishar [رحمه الله] overheard the conversation and quickly jumped to his feet, he headed to the door barefooted but the pious man had already left. He asked the slave girl what had transpired and she explained what he had said. "In which direction did he go" he asked. She directed him and he left in pursuit of the man. When he finally caught up with him he asked "my master did you come to my door and speak to the slave girl". "yes" he replied. "Please repeat the words you uttered" Bishar [رحمه الله] requested the man and he obliged.

Bishar [رحمه الله] was so taken aback by his words that he fell to the ground and began to cry. "No I am a slave, I am a slave, I am a slave". From then onwards he would walk without shoes and people began calling him Bishar al Haafi [رحمه الله] i.e. The bare footed one. When asked why he did not wear shoes, he would reply "My master Allah [swt] guided me when I was barefooted and I will remain in this condition till death"

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» posted by Seifeddine-M on 2nd March 2012 - 0 comments


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