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Thou shalt not waste food

posted by Muslimah50 on 26th March 2013 - 0 comments
32% of breads, 24% of vegetable, 24% of potatoes, 20% of fruits, and 17% of cereals are wasted in the UK 1. This is a lot of food being wasted and not the way of good Muslims.

The prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) used to place a mat, pick every morsel of food that fell and licked his finger after eating. A Muslim has efficiency at the table, they take only what they need and give away remainder to avoid wastage 2.

Take stock of what you buy; buy fresh and do not be swayed by offers to which you do not need. Ignore the best before date for it only shows the when the quality will decline as opposed to being unsafe 3 except in some. The “use by” date is a better indicator. Sight and smell are not absolute indicators; for that matter sometimes a pungent in food is indication of readiness 4.

Food is a blessing of Allah. Use your judgement and do not throw food away unless necessary. Take action before that time and utilise or share. Do not waste, take stock for we must give account to Allah for his bounties. All praise be to Him.

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