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Ulamaa ID 06
salaam ali kum, I am smoking ciggarretes since last year, some of my friends says that smoking is haraam and some of them says that it's makrooh. So please let me know that if it is haraam or makrooh. Shukran..
Regarding loan
Ulamaa ID 01
Assalamu alaikum, I am a bussiness man and today the situation of my bussiness is that it needs investment .Any have if i collaberate with any other person the situation is becoming bad as the devil is making all the work in peril. In such a situation if i take a loan for a truck or investment into my bussiness through loans which are provided by banks or minority loans at an annual interest .Please tell me is this allowed in such circumstances or not.
Did I do kufr?
Ulamaa ID 06
Assalaamu alaykum.. I am in a crisis and I beg of my brothers inislam/respected brothers to please help me I will try to keep my question as brief as possible. May Allah reward you all for your help. I recently submitted a question regarding some terrible thoughts I had been having but I now need to speak of something so stupid which I did but by Allah I did not intend it as kufr!! I only became a muslim last year and I have whole faith in Allah as my Lord and islam as my deen. I did something so awful and I only realised afterwards I may have done something wrong.. I am very ashamed to write this out but please do not judge or wonder why I made the stupid joke.. I was messing around and joking with my brother and I was impersonating a male muslim character and at some point (still in character) I said ''I am a buddhist'' I immediately after thought this was a stupid joke and I am very much sorry over making it. I did not intend it as kufr from myself and did not realise at the time I was wrong ASTAGHFIRULLAH. I feel so upset as I type this as I saw your answer on another question here saying that even if somebody jokes around with statements it is regarded as kufr.. Now what can I do? I felt so content after accepting islam and now have I became a kafir again??? Am I out of Allah ta'ala's mercy?? I did not mean to do this and I am so grieved over this wallahi. It is affecting my life, I cannot focus on my deen properly and I am worried about my actions and thoughts all the time now. I love Allah so much and there I want nothing more than nearness to Him, His pleasure and a home with Him in jannah. These days I cannot feel close to Allah because I am so worried over what I did joking and because of bad thoughts entering my mind. Please tell me what should I do now? Am I a kafir? I did not intend the joke as kufr at all and it is only after researching that I have really understood the full seriousness over my stupid words.. I did not mean them wallahi. Please reply soon, I am so worried that I may be outside of Allah's mercy now but He is so beloved to me and now I may not even receive His mercy. I cannot cope with this. Duas requested please
Apple cider vinegar
Ulamaa ID 03
i want to know is apple cider vinegar halal
Olay products
Ulamaa ID 03
could you please find out if the glycerin in olay products and neutrogena products are synthetic or animal
Ulamaa ID 04
Is it permissable for muslim people to be on MSN laughing and joking freely i do not do this but am wondering for my muslim friends who do talk to boys online i dnt know whether it is gunaah for them pls answer?

bismillah ir rahman ir raheem

Assalaamu alaykum

dear mufti saab,
can you please advice me of the islamic ruiling(from the four madhabs if possible) on female circumcision as a convert alhamdulilah these questions have arisen within my family and also with other muslim sisters.

also could you please advise me if there is any daleel as to wheather our beloved nabi salallahu alahie wasalaams daughters(radiyallahu anhum)were or were not

jazakallahu khair

walykumusalaam wr wb
Ulamaa ID 04
Why do so many Muslims spit in public during Ramadan? Are we not allowed to swallow our own spit whilst fasting?
Namaaz For 40 Days
Ulamaa ID 01
Salaam Somebody told me that if u read namaaz 5 times a day for at least 40 days straight at the mosque without missing a single takbeer, u would get like a "certificate" saying that u will never die as a non-believer & that the hell fire will never touch u. Is that true & is that why they do 40 days Jamat. Jazakallah
Sea creatures
Ulamaa ID 03
1) wot is the ruling on prawns
2)i herd that sea creatures which hav web feet is not ja-iz (e.g. duck) is this true
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