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Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu alaikumI was just wondering about the validity of wudu after changing clothes. for example if i was to do wudu before going to sleep but before changing into my pjamas...would my wudu still be valid after changing or would i need to do wudu again?jazakallah khayr
Ulamaa ID 01
AssalamuAlikum wrb Could the Ulamaa plz shed some light on the tsunami, in an Islamic point of view. Also give some Naseehat if possible? Some relative(not too practicing) heard the Imam in a Masjid say this was an adhaab from Allah (swt) , he got angy and said how can this be an adhaab for all the poor people and children, if it was an adhaab why wasn't it sent to America (Na'udhubillah) etc, where so many people are sinning openly? How do we answer something like this?
Hydrogen peroxide
Ulamaa ID 10

Could you please tell me if it is permissible to use products containing Hydrogen peroxide.

Ulamaa ID 03
if a man or a woman are engaged and they know they are getting married to each other. is it permissable for them to have sex before they get married or any kissing.


I heard that there is this namaz that every muslim should perform at least once in their lifetime. I would like to know which namaz is it and how do you pray it, someone told me that its only two rakats.


Ulamaa ID 03
Lately i went to a halal take-away shop & they had express cuisine
sandwiches which said suitable 4 vegetarians, but did not have a halal logo, so i just wanted
to know if express cuisine r reliable & halal or not?

Ulamaa ID 01
Salaam Every major & minor sign has gone or is happening this very moment. The major sign that is 2 happen next is Imam Mehdi 2 come. If u look at what is happening in the World, muslims countries being invaded or puppet goverments, how sinful the whole world is. This is the sort of climate Imam Mehdi is suppose 2 come. After 9/11 things are moving very fast & i've heard Imam Mehdi could come in 30 years times if not sooner. Even though nobody knows exactly when this well happen, could u give a rough estimate when he could come e.g. like 15,20,25 years from now. Also when Imam Mehdi comes, helps the muslims/sorts out the world a bit. Will he then die & then later Dajjal appears, then Isa A.S returns & kills him or will Imam Mehdi be around when Dajjal appears & will Isa A.S. & Imam Mehdi fight together 2 destroy Dajjal & is followers. Jazakallah
Am I doing bid'ah?
Ulamaa ID 04
26 days bleeding
Ulamaa ID 09
I have very iregular periods sometimes they will last for a whole month and then i wont have any bleeding for two months. Recently i started bleeding on the 14th of September and this finished on 9th October, a total of 26 days. The bleeding was light for a few days and then very heavy for the rest of the days. Would this all count as being on my period? and when would it be sufficient for me to start praying my salat because i heard that your period only lasts maximum 10 days and after this is it a bleeding vein..please help ..thankyou
Ulamaa ID 04
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