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Ulamaa ID 01
Assalamualaikum , I am a very extremely shy person, although i know its islamically good for a female to be shy, i think that it affects my daily life too much. i find it hard to talk to people, even close family, i usually sit there quietly while people around me talk, like at uni or any courses that i do. Although i have friends who understand that im a quiet person and dont mind me not talking much..i find that being shy stops me from making more friends....also its really bad to the extent that i cannot say sallam to anyone, i only reply back once someones already said sallam to me but am too shy to be the first one to say also holds me bak from answering questions at tutorials and lectures, when i know the answer but dont have any confidence to say it. overall i think i have a very low level of confidence, and could be a much better person, a better muslim if i wasnt so there anyway to overcome this shyness, not so much that i become really loud and talkative, but just so i can comfortably talk around people and have enough confidence to say what i want without being held back by my shyness and lack of confidence. jazakallah.
Ulamaa ID 01
I am not of the calibre of a scholar or even close, but i am up set with the comment Shaykh Tantavi of Azhar University has made ragarding the ban of hijab in france. he said that the law of wearing a head scarf is relaxed if you live in a non muslim country his comment is outrageous. what is the position of Shaykh Tantavi, are his comments correct? the link to the bbc site regarding his comment is as follows, (see for yourself) [size=9:6f4463c9af](Originally posted on previous version of site 28/1/04)[/size:6f4463c9af]
Ulamaa ID 04


my sis recently had a miscarridge and she wants to know will she ever meet her child and if she does in junnah?

Ulamaa ID 04
If some one( student,male,age 20) not have resources to marriage so masturbation is allow for him.
Black stone
Ulamaa ID 04
how did the black stone come in the world
Coca cola
Ulamaa ID 03
I want to ask if coca cola is halal or haram as they said there is 1percent of alcohole in it
Ulamaa ID 01
if u adopt a child at a young age when he grows older is he your mehrum or not? likewise if a family adopt a girl can the male members of that family be her mehrum
Ulamaa ID 04
what happens to the person that does black magic on another person and also then he stops
Ulamaa ID 01
Salam, Can you confirm that you can keep any name. as when Muhamed(PBUH) was born he was born to parents who were idol worshippers, and as Islam spread people like Omer (RA) Abu Bakr (RA) Khatija (RA) and Abu Sufyan (RA) all kept thier pre-islamic names. So that leads to the conclusion that you can keep any name, as with names that are mentioned in Koran of prophets whose parents were of Idol worshippers who gave them their names and subsequently never changed them during prophethood e.g Ibrahim, Moosa, Ayoob, Lot and Muhammed etc.
Halal or Haraam
Ulamaa ID 03
Respected Elders,

Assalamu-alykum Warahmatullah,

Are all products that contain vinegar, sprit vinegar or malt vinegar, regardless on how the manufactures produce it, because it varies from company to company, Which are part of the ingredients in e.g. Tomato ketchup, mayonnaise or salad cream etc, etc. Is it Halal or Haram. Because as i understand it vinegar is made from alcohol?

May Allah elevate the Ummah

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