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Ulamaa ID 17
Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah allah blessed us baby girl.. i choose some names like laiba,zyna,zuha,manal, some moulana says these names are good some of them are telling not good and meaning also not good so please suggest me good names and valuable meaning foy my daughter
ASSALAAMOU'ALAIKOUM WA RAHMATOULLAH Respected Mufti/Maulana Sahab, My question is as follows: -Where should those who sit on chairs to read farz namaz with the jama'at place the chairs. Should the chairs be placed on either extremity of the swaf OR should they be placed together with other muswallis praying standing? -Does someone sitting separate benefit from the jamaa'at? WASSALAAM.
Ulamaa ID 04
assalamualaikum, i am enquiring about belly button piercing. As my friend has recently got it done and she wants me to aswell. I just want to know if its jaiz to get it done by a female instead of a male.
Ulamaa ID 17
Assalamu Alaikum. I have 16 year old son from my first marriage. I have very different relation with him he is very close to me. When my first husband passed away sometimes I used to take my frustration out on him. Now as he is getting older he started understand everything now when I get angry on him he says I take my frustration out on him and always hit him for no reason. I just feel like he is going away from me. Is there any dua I can pray for my son?
Is Ahyad another name of prophet Muhammad(saw)?Would you give reference from hadith.Can I give my new born boy this name 'Ahyad'?
Ulamaa ID 17
Salam Alekum, I did Istikhara for proposal I got from a second man, meanwhile I have been talking to first man for marriage purpose. In my istikhara dream for second man, I saw a scary dream with the first man in it. What does this mean? Does the dream mean the first man is bad for me or second even when the istikhara was for second man?
Ulamaa ID 04
As-salam mu Alikum...what is the age maximum for Hajj/Umrah
Ulamaa ID 04
As-salam-mu-Alikum... i made mistake during umrah..forget to do sawah what i should do correction...for to do next umrah...
Prayer mat
Ulamaa ID 12
is it true that if we don't fold the prayer mat, Shaytaan reads on it?
Ulamaa ID 12
"I am getting married soon and the groom side's real uncles (maternal and paternal) have this tradition of kissing the bride on the forehead. How should I go about this situation"?
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