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Ulamaa ID 04
what is the islamic ruling regarding...pregnant women fasting?
will they get extra reward for fasting whilst pregnant?
Ulamaa ID 05
can you use eyedrops whilst fasting?
Ice cream
Ulamaa ID 03
assalaamu alaikum,

Could you please tell me whether ice cream from the ice cream van in uk is halal?

Query sent - Reply to query:
no i mean ice cream from the the ice cream van. its not a specific van, they are all over the country. They play the sound of music as they drive around and people go up and buy ice cream. you must have seen them. the ice cream they give does not come in a packaging and so has no barcode or anything.
Multiple Umrah
Ulamaa ID 12
Asalamualikum I have an urgent question which I hope you can ask for me. Are we allowed to do multiple umrah's once we arrive in Makkah and also can we do an umrah for somebody that is not your parent. Jazakallah khair. (Question posted as received)
Friday Prayers
Ulamaa ID 01
Alsalamu aliakum wa-Rahmatu ALLahi wa-barakatuho Dear sir On the 7th of Nov 2005, an Employment Tribunal Case is going to be taken place in London in Connection with my application to the Employment Tribunal of indirect religious discrimination against my previous secondary school for denying me the right to pray Friday in the nearby mosque and refusing to honor our verbal agreement that I have struck with the school management when I joined the school in Feb 2002. I have been asked by my NASUWT Teacher?s Union who are representing me in this case to provide an authority on the Islamic Maliky tradition to testify in the Tribunal case that:? Friday prayers are to be performed in a mosque and only in special circumstance that a minimum of eleven Muslims are required for a JUMMAH prayer. This is a test case. It is very important for the whole Muslim community in UK. The issue between myself and the school management is running now for almost two and half years and the Local Education Authority is baking up the school. Could you be please advice me of any qualified person who is an authority on the Maliky Islamic Tradition able to give Islamic ruling on this issue? Yours sincerely A.Maayuf
Taking lessons
Ulamaa ID 10
Can an unmarried women take horse riding lessons?
Ulamaa ID 04
plz help me.I'm feeling very distressed when I heard that "Allah" may not be a single entity.He can be "More than one God existing & working as One".the word "Tauhid" comes from the root "Wahhad" which means "to unite as one".Is that really so?Isn't believing ALLAH as a number of Gods/Powers acting as "One" a kind of "Shirk"?I also heard that "Qul hu Allahu Ahadun" in Sura Ikhlas means "Say, He Allah is one of" which leaves a chance of his being the combination of several Gods acting as a single One who is self-sufficient.Or is it that the "99 Gods" call them "Allah" a a whole?plz help me.I'm feeling very confused.
Ulamaa ID 04
AssalamoAlaikum Wa Rehmatullah I have gone through I need to know if there is any relaxation/permission of medical insurance in countries like US/Canada where the medical costs are too high sometimes. Just to mention the hospital costs can be up to 10,000 $ / night for example for the case of child birth delivery. It can be imagined what If some person has to stay 3,4 nights. Based on the average monthly income and the economic structure in these places, I need your highly esteemed opinion , in what should be the way adopted by muslims who seek to obey Allah's orders. MAY Allah keep us all , on absolute straight path. Ameen JazakAllah kher Usman
Chicken Cottage
Ulamaa ID 03
Salaam Mufti saab, In the new edition of Muslim Directory there is a rather colourful advertisement for a halaal chicken and chips place called Chicken Cottage. They also have a website Can you please find out if they are 100% halaal. They do have a very large store base even stretching out to Europe and the Middle East. The closet ones to us are their stores in Seven Sisters Rd and Leyton. Jazakallah Musa
Travel Insurance
Ulamaa ID 04

Is Travel Insurance Haram? Is selling travel insurance as secondary revenue without PROMOTING it (i.e. only providing policy if a client asks for it) ok? or can we send the proceeds to a charity?

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