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Assalamu'alaikum brother, I am a female, unmarried student in the UK and am 20 years old. My question is regarding income. My father works full-time but does not tell the government about this, in order to receive certain state welfare. This is obviously wrong and haram. My mother knows about this and is fine with it. I've tried to talk to them about moving away from such things, but to no avail. However, though they receive some welfare through their deception, they also receive some welfare that they are genuinely eligible for, regardless of work (though they still lie about their income on this form too). So my parents' income comprises of my father's wages (halal) plus the benefits they can genuinely receive (though still lied for but do truly meet the criteria for it); and also of the welfare received through utter deception and which they do not qualify for at all in actual fact. So it is about half haram, half halal, give or take. My question is: is it permissible for me, a young and unmarried woman, to eat from the food and use the provisions that my parents provide through these funds, as I must live with my parents? I don't know if I have to support myself in this case. I do receive student finance, a non-repayable interest free grant, and also work part-time. I cannot move out of home until I am married and don't know how I can constantly refuse to eat what my parents provide or not use the provisions in the home funded by this wealth, ie. gas/electricity. I look forward to your response brother and will be truly grateful for it. You will be in my duahs. Jazak'Allahu khairun immensely for your time and efforts. Wasalam.
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i hope this email reaches to you in good health - ameen!

I have a cousin who is 40 years of age and she has a daughter who is 19. i am 23 of years of age. would it be allowed to get married to the daughter? this makes her my niece in a way but some people argue saying they become my 2nd cousin. the question is, if the girl consents to get married to me and the parents of mine and hers, would it be permissible to get married to her? the reason my cousin is much older is because the varying ages of my uncles and aunties which led to big gaps amongst the generation.

jazakumullah for reading my email and i look forward to reading the answer soon inshallah!
Juma Day
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I was recently asked at work why do Muslims consider Friday as there holy day, apart from giving a simple answer, that Jews have Saturdays, Christaians have Sundays and we have Fidays. Are there any other reasons for Fiday beign our holy day??

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Whilst fasting u notice dark coloured disharge, u are near the due date for ure period to begin but a few hours after the incident u still havent started ure period can u carry on fasting?
Also is the fast of wen u noticed the discharge broken or not?
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Assalamu alaikum
I would like to know whether the use of contraceptives are allowed. I know that they can be used if for example the mother's life is at risk. However can they be used for reasons such as the couple are newly married and do not want to have a child yet as they want to spend time together before bearing responsibilities? or the couple are too young to have children yet?
Waalaykumus salam
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Assalamualaikum wa rahmatul Allahi wa barakatuhu

I have prayed behind a qadiyani twice without knowing that it was prohibited. Do i have to repeat my salat or not?
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If you come across a law within shariah that you disagree with, does this evalidate your iman? What should one do or pray if this happens?
Khatamun Nabiyeen
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I came across the following on some Qadiani website.

Only to the general public, the finality of Prophethood (Khatamun Nabiyeen) means the last Prophet, this is not the correct meaning of the term, for the knowledgeable people. Even if a Prophet comes after the Era of Muhammad, it will make no difference to the end of prophethood that is associated with Muhammad. (Tahzeerun Naas by Maulana Qasim Nanotwi, page 3, 25).

also in moulana ashraf thanvi (ra) book nashut teeb he was quoted a hadith in which the prophet (saw) says 'the 1st thing which allah created was my noor from his noor and from it he created the whole world'

is this hadith sahih or has moulana ashraf thanvi (ra) just used it for fazail. the brealwi quote this hadith to support the fact the prohet (saw) is noor and claim so did moulana thanvi (ra)

Ulamaa ID 04
If one masturbate during ramadan, should he keep 60 days fast to compensate for this act?
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Is it permissable for women to wear sari's.. without showing stomach? i mean decently worn

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