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Ulamaa ID 06
Asalaamualaykum brother, My question is fairly long, but it is very complicated so please have patience with my question. I apologise for the length. Ya allah reward you my brother. I am in Deep love with a girl with whom i currently am maintaining a long distance relationship with. It has nearly been 1 year. I have the absolute intent of marrying her ASAP to prevent myself from sinning, however, as she is from a pakistani background and her family follow the tradition of arranged marriage to a member of the family, We both have not been able to make our relationship oblivious to the parents. As she is only 16, we both feel that telling the parents now will only resort in them claiming 'were too young' and most probably create difficulties for marriage in the future. However we are not entirely sure how her parents and the rest of her family (Uncles, Aunts) are going to take this. I myself am a person who hasn't a care for most things in life anymore since I am a loyal person who's figured that from family to friends, there isn't anyone who you can trust and rely on apart from Allah SWT, which is why, even though i am living in the Gangland of this kufr society, i am Doing my best to represent Islam and Allah SWT through my lifestyle. As a person who has given up with most things, My last option of life was to just Live for Allah SWT to the best of my abiltiy and to Die as a Martyr. I Treat this girl as if we were already married to the best of my ability. If her family reject me, as a big family full of strong people, they may possibly resort to violence, and i am not willing to appose any Muslim ever, however i have the willingness to go to any extent to marry her. If i dont recieve her, then I do not want to create any fitnah against her family as i love them as if they were my own. May you please give me some Guidance in what i should do, and please give me some reference to what the Quran says and also to what Islamic Hadiths say? Jazakallah Brother
Ulamaa ID 03


Is E481 and E472(e), which are ingrediants found in bread, Haraam?

Alot of processed foods have traces of phenylalanine, is it Haraam?

Sweetness of women
Ulamaa ID 09
How will u define sweetness of women?
Do u think sweetness of women is in having intercourse with her?
If is it so why it is forbidden in Islam to have a look on a woman?
Why it is forbidden to even touch her ,to talk her?
And where it has mentioned in Quran or is cleared from any Haadith that sweetness means having a intercourse.?
Please do clear me what does this sweetness mean?if not clearly explained in quran that sweetness is in intercourse then how can v say that it is in intercourse?
Some ingrediants
Ulamaa ID 03
is beta carotene, aspartame, diphosphates and disodium phosphate haraam
Ulamaa ID 03

my sister told me that whilst u are on your periods you cannot put mendhi on because when you have a clean wash it doesnt get removed. then you cannot pray untill it is removed. is this true because accidently a bit came on my finger and i can slightly see the mendhi colour on it. if i ignore it and pray will i get sinned for it.
After Salah
Ulamaa ID 04

I've seen alot of people after their fardh Salah recite 'ya Qawiyu' 11 times whilst placing their right hand on their forehead, and then recite 'ya Nooru' 11 times, blow on their fingers and rubb over eyes. Is there any evidence for this in the shariah? JazakAllah Khair

Re: name
Ulamaa ID 12
Salam brother I have a son who is 4 years old and I named him binyamin when he was born but I have heard couple of people say this name is not allowed to keep in Islam Is this correct? I am planning on changing it if it's not allowed Thankyou for your time
Hair dyes
Ulamaa ID 03
assalamualaikum w.wb.
respected mufti,
please could you inform me regarding which brands of hair dyes are permissible for use by muslim women. i understand that the dye must stain the hair and not simply coat it in order for the wudhu/ghusl to be correct. i have searched for this answer on several sites but none actually state which brands are actually permissible. jazakallahukhair.
Ulamaa ID 09
How do I humble myself? I think I am too prideful and I hate it. I try to focus on ym mistakes, and Alhamdulillahi Rabbil AaLameen, Allah Tala has let me realized I am a horrble person on the inside, but I dont know why then I still soemtimes look down upon others. I try to focus on the good things of others. Do you have any suggestions, dua, or wazifa I may read? Jazakullah Kheir kaseeran kaseera
Ulamaa ID 01
Are women permited to trim their hair if husband permits and it does not imite the non belivers?Please support answer with evidence from quran and hadith.
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