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If a person ejaculates inside his trouser does all his clothes become na-paak or just his trousers?
The hijab
Ulamaa ID 01
i have herad from many people using the term hijab, i would like to know what are the main things that needs to be covered, please could you also tell me if the woman need cover her face or is this a act which they are doing is in their own choice or the shariyah say that the women must cover there face
Ulamaa ID 04
Was Guru Nanak a muslim when he was alive?
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu alaikumI was just wondering about the validity of wudu after changing clothes. for example if i was to do wudu before going to sleep but before changing into my pjamas...would my wudu still be valid after changing or would i need to do wudu again?jazakallah khayr
ANSWERED: Istinjah
Ulamaa ID 02
1.We have in Japan automatic toilets , the stream of water comes from downside when a button is pressed, this stream of water directly hits the anus hole and Istinjah can be made, now ramazan is coming , I am worried if this thing can invalidate Fast? 2.Please also tell if some body inserts a small piece of tissue in the penis hole and it hides in it , does this break fast?
Ulamaa ID 03
i have emailed before but got no response

i have been married for 1 year 6 month and consumated marriage on the first night

after that my husband refuses to be with me

are we still married?

we do everything exept sleep togehter

what can i do to overcome this and bring us close

please advise me

Women and graves
Ulamaa ID 05
salaamualiakum i was tld by someone dat women r not alowed to visit graves for many reasons one ov whick i remmeber!! Thiswas dat da dead can see humans naked??!!! is this true? Fiamanallah
Ulamaa ID 04
respected mufti saheb

in the little knowledge that i have i have found out that we being deobandis follow the way of shah walliyullah dehlawi (ra) and our chain of ilm leads to him. the question i'd like to ask is that shah waliyulah (RA) was an ash'aree. I have have proof of this from a photocopy of a manuscript which is from a library in heydrabaad. this is genuine. he states in arabic, the translation "as far as mazhab is concerned i follow the hanafiyah and as far as aqeedah is concerned i follow ash'ariya. does this not mean that we should follow the ash'ariyah? i can send you this photocopy if you need to see it.
Ulamaa ID 04
assalamualaykum wrwb

i have heard that keeping pictures in the house is haraam. 1) i have told some members of my family about this and they do not want to get rid of family photos especially of deceased. 2) we have newspapers in the house but they get recycled and thrown away anyway so would i have to delete the photos on the newspapers after purchasing then?because i feel like it would be just a waste of time.

wa-alaykum assalamwrwb
Ulamaa ID 04
Aslam o alaikum Brother,
Is a Hafiz who has not got a sunnat beard, but wants to lead tarawi, where there are men with proper sunnat beard behind,aloed to lead tarwai?
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