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Black Magic
Ulamaa ID 01
Assalaamu 'alaikum How do you know if someone has been afflicted by black magic? What can you do to ward off such evil? JazakAllahu khairan. Wassalaamu 'alaikum
Ulamaa ID 03
salaam, is it permissable for husband and wife to have sex or even foreplay during ramadhan period, if not what should one do to aviod this from happening even when sleeping apart is not possible.

Ulamaa ID 05
What is the womens husband does not like her because she has bush eyebrows?
Assalaamu alaikum

I was informed that a child conceived prior to nikah but born after 6 months of nikah may inherit from the father. This was a fatwa issued by an Ulema body in Nagtal, South Africa based on Hanafee madhab. THe other madhab however says that the child does not inherit at all. Which is the correct opinion?
End of Haidh
Ulamaa ID 10

I was wondering, when does one know when Haidh has ended and when to check.

My normal period of time is about 9/10 days or so or sometimes more, but after about day 8 Imostly only experience discharge being yellow or white but not always red, and I know that this is still regarged as Haidh if within 10 days and it is not clear, but when does one know when to check? Do I check an hour before every Salaah or whenevr I have the need to go to the toilet etc? Because say if one goes to the toilet at Asr and sees there is some discharge and thus Haidh still continues, Maghrib at times is very near to Asr, thus do they check before maghrib as well, and if one does and sees no Haidh how does one know that this is because it has stopped or because it is due to the short period of time after you did istinjiaa and thus it has been washed away but may appear after some hours?

Jazkallah Khair!
Ulamaa ID 10
ASalamu alikum w.wr.w In the name of Allah If your a girl and u don't have ur period, but this white stuff comes from the girl's place and u were praying are u suppose to get out from praying and do wudhu? or get shower? or keep praying?thanks (jazakallah khaya may Allah reward u janah) ameen
Ulamaa ID 01
Assalaamualkum w.w.
Maulana sb,

I have going through a lot of hell in my marriage.I have got to the stage where I feel I want to give up.I have been married for 4 years and have tried everything to keep this marriage alive.

Both families are quite active in the tablighi effort.Last year I took her out for 40 days and this year alhumdulillah we both performed the Hajj.

We quarrel over very small things and then the matter would just flare up.Everytime she threatens me that she will leave with our child. I am constantly put down.I can't say anything to her.

We were on good talking terms and I think she was all OK and happy, that one day she got her father to come,packed her bags and left!I spoke to her the night before and in the morning said sallam to her before going to work .In the afternoon she left.

I have not spoken to her since more than two months.My son is suffering.

She came and took all her belongings one day.

When tried going to see my son I was given heavy abuse.

I need mashwerah and guidance.I feel I am mazloom.what is the punishment for a woman who does this??

Maulana sahub what is the best course of reconcile.Is it just best to move on? I love her from the core of my heart and would want this to work at any cost.

Please also can you give me duas/amaal to counter this great test from Allah swt.I do not see any hope.

Ulamaa ID 03
Assalaamu 'alaikum

I was wondering whether alchahol denat or betaine is halaal?

Wa'alaikum ussalaam
Bleeding gums
Ulamaa ID 03
As- salam alaikum,
My question is that I constantly have a problem of bleeding gums,and they usually bleed when I perform Wudhu and the bleeding doesn't stop for quite some time,is my Wudhu still valid? or how long shall I wait to perform Wudhu-JazakAllah
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamu'alaikum to all.

Dear sir, i have 2 questions.

1: Whenever i take ghusal, i get evil and dirty thoughts in my mind although i try my best to keep it out. Is this okay? or must i take it with a clean mind?

2. During salaat, i too get some of these images and thoughts although i try my best to keep it out. Is it okay and i can carry on my prayers? or do i restart and do it with out thinking anything evil?

Assalamu'alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathu
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