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Ulamaa ID 04

As Salaamu Alaikum WW

Respected Mufti

1-A person was crying in Dua.A few tears entered his mouth and he spat it out,though the salty taste remained in his mouth.Is his fast valid?

2-If a tear was accidently inhaled through the nasal passage,was his fast broken?

3-A haadfiha was reciting her Dhor in Taraweeh.In her 2nd Rakaat she recited 1 verse and went blank.Not knowing what to do, she recited Bismillah and recited another Surah eg: surah Ikhlas, and thereafter completed her Salaah.Was her Salaah valid? If not,should she repeat the 2 rakaats of Taraweeh?

Jazakallahu Khairan

Was Salaam

Ulamaa ID 03
I wanted to know if a man prepares documents for divorce for his wife in which in writes talak 3 times and is done through a lawyer and with 2 witnesses and the wife doesnt know about this. Is this divorce valid or not since she not told by her husband that he is divorcing her. Is only verbal valid and not written?
Moon sighting
Ulamaa ID 05
i would like you to answer my question as clearly as possible, i was reading one kitaab, and in that it said you need two witnesses for the sighting of the moon, where as i have read in numerous kitaabs one is sufficent, please clarify this as this is very important to me jazakallah
Ulamaa ID 10
I often discharge a white substance during salah but sometimes i can finish salah before i discharge so would i be classed as an ma'zur?
Ulamaa ID 12
Salaam, i am currently experiancing early stages of hair loss, which has began to affect my self confidence and i have therfeofre tried numerous types of medication with litle success. I have been advised to take Regaine as this MAY help me grow back some hair and i believe this will help me considerabely. However, Regaine contains Ethanol which is haraam. However, in this instance, and as it is not entering my body can i use it?? Further more, if i can not do ibadat whilst this is on my body, may i use it at night and wash it out before fajr? Jazakamullah for your time.
Ulamaa ID 04
asalaamu alikum wrwb,
today @ work i came across an issue which i would like your help in solving, i have two questions, 1- there is a 12 year old boy who has not been circumscised, is it fard for him to have it done at his age?
2- do you have a contact number for a doctor in the east midlands who can perform the operation? jzkhr
Computer Games
Ulamaa ID 04
Can you give me a quick reply. Is computer games HARAAM, MAKROOH or ALLOWED
Marriage as sunnah
Ulamaa ID 01
A.Salaam, I have heard that marriage is sunnah but that it is also half of of our deen. I know a few muslim men who have never married but never heard of a muslim women who never married. I understand most peoples arguments about the benefit's of marriage for women but what about the women who are just not ment to be married because they will not be able to handle the situation. Is it possibile for a muslim women to stay in the path of her faith and not marry because she fears that she will not be a good wife or a good mother. This is a question that has been in my mind for a very long time and I would be greatful if you could give me some answers or advice. W.Salaam
Ulamaa ID 01
Salaams can you tell me what is wrong with this group, and why shouldn't I join?
Evil thoughts
Ulamaa ID 06
Assalaamu alaykum. I am in dire need of advice, I am trying to keep my question brief but I ask of you please do advise me as much as possible as the problem which I go on to discuss has really been affecting me considerably, to the point where it is even affecting my 'ibadah. I have been getting terrible thoughts in my mind. Thoughts which I have no control over and they are causing me such grief and upset and I fear Allah is very displeased with me. The more good I try to do in my deen, the more severe the thougts become.. I researched about this and saw many answers that these may be waswas from shaytaan but I also know that I have quite an obsessive compulsive mind so my mind will think of a topic so hard without my will! My teacher was speaking of shirk and the punishment and a lesson and it scared me so much I could not control my mind from stop thinking about it and now it is like shaytaan is forcing me to think bad shirk thougts and they are hurting and upsetting me ever so much & I fear Allah may take it that I am actually commiting shirk! La hawla wala quwatta illah billah. If the thoughts are because of my own obsessive mind, will Allah take these thoughts as they are from myself as though I have willing thought tor committed these dreadful things? I am so scared that Allah has that it has seriosuly affected my imaan and I am so anxious about this that it is making the thoughts come even more.. When I am in salah horrible shirk thoughts come to my mind which I cannot control and it is so upsetting. I believe in Allah & my deen 100% and so I am so angered over these thoughts and scared. Will Allah accept that, whether these thoughts are from shaytaan or because I have an obsessive compulsive mind, that I do not mean them and cannot control them so much? Have I commited something awful? Please help me brothers, please. Wassalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah
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