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Ulamaa ID 12
As'alamualaykum, i would like to know whether tallow or tallow derivatives used in personal care products is halaal, ie: in non food products. Your help is greatly appreciated. Jazak Allah
Ulamaa ID 02
Assalamualeakum w.w I was in the plane and some brothers in islam said the azan aloud, thereafter carried out the salat in the aisle, me wearing niqab i didnt think it was appropiate to stand in the aisle to pray cause i would be center of attention being the only female praying. Therefore i prayed salat in my seat was that wrong of me? can you please tell me the shariat ruling regarding this matter. Jazakamullah kair
Ulamaa ID 04
Asalaam u alaikum Will it be possible for someone to explain the procedures of a Muslim funeral?
Ulamaa ID 05
why do muslims babies have there hair cut off after seven days and is this from the quran or hadith
Hair dyes
Ulamaa ID 03
assalamualaikum w.wb.
respected mufti,
please could you inform me regarding which brands of hair dyes are permissible for use by muslim women. i understand that the dye must stain the hair and not simply coat it in order for the wudhu/ghusl to be correct. i have searched for this answer on several sites but none actually state which brands are actually permissible. jazakallahukhair.
Ulamaa ID 03

my sister told me that whilst u are on your periods you cannot put mendhi on because when you have a clean wash it doesnt get removed. then you cannot pray untill it is removed. is this true because accidently a bit came on my finger and i can slightly see the mendhi colour on it. if i ignore it and pray will i get sinned for it.
Ulamaa ID 05

can u use aftershaves

Dear Mufti Saahib Assalaamu alaykum. I keep having a reoccurring dream in which I am defecating. This is not a one off dream I have had this same dream a number of times. As far as I can remember sometimes I am trying to clean myself (istanja) but the part where I am defecating is reoccurring and now has me worried. If it was a one-off dream I would not have bothered you. The only thing that come to my mind is that I have a urine problem (which is common to others as well) in that when I have finished urinating I have to squeeze and cough a number of times to make sure all the urine is out and that none of it will come out on my clothes. It is possible than on a few occasions I am a little careless but at the same time I cannot over due things and cause damage to the male organ. I hope you can advise. JizakAllah for your time in answering my questions. Wassalaam.
Ulamaa ID 12
Ulamaa ID 01
I have a question which i want to be answered please if you can. Okay, so this gal at skool askd dis question n i kind of knew da answer but i didn't want 2 say netin rong so now i'm askin ne1 i can for an answer. neways, dis is how my conversation went wid my friend maryam: Maryam: i hav had dis question in my mind dat keeps bugging me. It s dat Allah (swt) has said dat whoever doeas bad in dis world den he will go 2 hel but Allah (swt) chooses if we r 2 b gud or bad in dis world right. So if it was ritten in r destiny dat we do bad den in dis world we will do naafarmaan n disobey Allah (swt) and do bad. So deres a man 2 be born n in his destiny it was ritten dat he do bad. He's born, he grows up, and as it was ritten 4 him, he does bad. It wasn't his choice dat he do bad, it was ritten 4 him. He didn't choose really, Allah (swt) chose. So since he dun bad, he will go 2 jahannum 4 doin all dem bad tings as sed in the qur'aan. Surely, he didn't get a chance 2 do good or bad. So I told dis gal dat well really, i had dis same conversation wid sum1 a few days ago. They sed dat really, u should never go towards dis topic about destiny. But I also told her dat I will insha'Allah tell her more if I find netin about it. Can ne1 help?
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