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Ulamaa ID 04
what happens to the person that does black magic on another person and also then he stops
As-Salamau alaikum Wa rahmatullah,

Dear Shuyookh,
I would like to know whether it is permissable to work for an IT consultancy that writes software systems for the asset finance industry. The income earned is thorough sales of the software and subscriptions. The overwhelming majority of customers are interest bearing companies, including retail banks, insurance companies, investment banks etc - all of whom have a significant interest income.

The customers use software to do both halaal and haraam (i.e. interest bearing transactions).

Is such a job halal? Is the income from that job halaal? Is this violation of the ayah: ".. ta'wanoo alal birri wat taqwa, wa la ta'awanoo alal 'ithmi wal udwaan.."?

Ma'as salaamah
Nursing child
Ulamaa ID 04

Respected ulema,
Untill what age it is permissable for a child to be nursed by the mother according to the hanafi school of thought?

jazakhallah khair

Ulamaa ID 04
Alsalam alicum is listening to music during fast of ramadan is it haram?
Ulamaa ID 03
I am unsure about the Cadbury milk tray in regards to whether it is halal or haram?
I am hoping for an indication that would help me to classify it as halal or haram.
Jazakallah Hukhair
During my menstrual cycles i read a collection of quraanic ayaahs compiled into one book/kithaab as Duah or Zikr and NOT as Tilawat.
I wanted to clearify the following:-
1) Is it permisable for me to hold this khitaab while reading bearing in mind i am in Haid.
2) Is there any ruling i should make wuduh before reading this kithaab.

The kithaab that i read is called My Companian compiled by Al Islaah Publications, Kroonstad, South Africa.
This book emphasises that i am permissable to do as i asked you in my question but i still want to get as many opinions as possible.

JazakAllah Khair

If someone wants to give zakaat to a woman who has three daughters and she saved Gold jewelary or clothings for her daughters wedding, is she eligible for zakaat? Does she need to give zakaat on the jewlery?
Tic Tac
Ulamaa ID 03
are tic tacs halal in uk or not
Ulamaa ID 04
18 months ago I wrote a talaq on a piece of paper as follows:"due to a breakdown in our marriage on the grounds of incompatibility, and by mutual agreement, i (name) hereby proclaim one talaq upon you (name). The terms for reconciliation shall be according to islamic shariah. If in this time we are able to reconcile our differences, then there shall be no sin upon us to come back together as husband and wife. After this period, the talaq shall become irrevocable".
Question is could I re-marry my ex-wife now given that I have given only one talaq and it has been 18 months since, but I did use the word irrevocable?
Ulamaa ID 06
I have a bad breath, tried to solve it with dentist, but there is no improvement. Can you plz tell me what I do. I have also acne on my face plz tell me to remove it.

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