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Ulamaa ID 03
I am a married woman since 6 years once my husband gave me talaq after when we had severe quarell with each other and he didnot tell me that he used the word talaq .we then got separated because of many clashes but i till then was unawre of the fact that he gave me talaq.Then once he told me that he gave me but was in anger .Then once on a phone he used the word talaq but he was in anger too and didnt want it happen intentionally.Then again he gave me talaq on phone(3 times) and after it said that he lost his temper and said all in anger.Now i want to know that did talaq happen?Here i also want to let you know that Ist time he used word talaq for 3 times but i didnt know about it and lived as husband and wife .second time when he gave we had relation and third time too we had relation amd still have.
We both love each other and dont want to lose each other ,we want to live happily as before but as husband and wife realtion .But now we r in doubt that whether talaq did happen or not .Please please plesae sir do me a favour and tell me a right solution for it as i love my husband and dont want to have talaq.

Sir i am in much distress and i hope u will give me a right solution.I know that u are the only one who can help us .Please sir dont disappoint me and reply me as soon as possilble.
Please give fatwa on it.

Thanks a lot
with regards and hopes that u will reply me
One thing that i must know that in 28 para of Quran there is told that "if u even say a word maa for ur wife then u must have to fast for 2 months continuously "
If saying maa to ur wife demands a big kufaara then why there is Rayat for talaq?
As i read in one of islamic site that talaq doesnot happen if man uses these words in extreme anger and doesnot want to use but just use these words in anger.

Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahamatullahi Wa Barakatuhu, Dear Respected Ulama, I am intending to go Umrah insha'Allah during the month of Ramadhan. what I would like to know is in the state of Ihraam, no item can touch our face, This goes for brothers and sisters. But is it just material which cannot touch your face or things like tissues too? And can one put cream on his/her face? Wassalamu Alaykum.
Recently I joined classes for learning Arabic, at
which my arabic teacher said that my name i.e.
AbdulMunaf is not a good name. As Munaf was the
name of pre-islamic idol the meaning of name is
Slave of Munaf an idol, and thus must be changed.

I searched internet to find the meaning and found:
1) Munaf/Manaf was indeed name of an Idol.
2) AbdulMunaf was name of great gradfather of our
beloved Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.).
3) Meaning of Munaf is "the Exalted/ the high",
and who is more high than Allah SWT. So this may
mean Slave of Allah.

So now I am bit confused.

Now my questions are:
1) Should I change my name?
2) If I change my name, should I have to change
is officialy i.e. change it in all my degrees,
documents etc?

Allah Hafiz
Ulamaa ID 04

By the grace of Almighty I have been blessed with two daughters. They are 3 years and 1 year old respectively; I have searched over the internet sites and choose their names as "Sazma Anaum" and "Uzma Anaum" respectively; the meaning of those two names (According to those sites) are "The Beautiful Blessings of Allah" and "The Greatest Blessings of Allah" respectively. Now I am not sure if these names are Arabic names or not. Even these are not arabic and have been derived from some other language then are the names OK for their meanings? I think language is not at all a condition for names rather the meaning (what so ever the language is) is more important. Please let me know your well thought opinion on their names.


Mohammad Zakaria Habib
Ulamaa ID 04
can u keep a kazaa or nafal fast without sehri?

Ulamaa ID 04
Is our beloved prophet(sm) dead or still in a functional state?
Salam.ive written before but i really need help and no one has replied,forgive me for being impatient,can you please just help me.i believe in Allah,i even read quran and pray namaz,i dont watch tv or listen to music,i try my upmost best to follow islam,but when i try to say the khalimah,the part with muhammadur rasuloolah my heart doesnt believe in it.i try to believe it but my heart doesnt want to believe.nothings helping me,i dont want to die like this cause i know ill die a kaffir,i cry a lot over it but nothings helping me.i even make dua and read quran and ask Allah for help.ive repented for my pass sins so why is this happening to me.
This question is regarding the name OZYAR, (ain zaal ya raa in arabic) i want to know if it is possible for the name to affect the characteristics or troubles the person is going through, as he has a severe bone condition and sight problems [Admin Edit: Question 159 is removed as it is a repeat of this question. Question slightly edited accordingly]
Bad Deeds
Ulamaa ID 03
Asallamu Alaikum...
Sometimes I have a problem with not being straight with people when they ask me questions. I am deeply worried about my state because a Muslim man approached me in my local town asking if I'm a new Muslim, (I am white, with Hijab), I replied that I have been for 5 years. He then asked if I was married, I told him that I'm not, he then asked for my phone number. Now, rather than just tell him straight that I wasn't really interested, I gave him a false number instead. I have absolutely no Idea why I just didn't tell him the truth rather than lying to him. Will I be accountable for this on the day of judgement because I lied to him, will he be able to take some of my good deeds away from me because of this?
I wish I could rewind the scenario again and be honest, I just didn't want to make him embarrassed.
Ulamaa ID 10
Assalmou Alaikum,

I am extremly torn by this subject. I have fasted 6 days of Ramadan so far and still have another 2/3rds of the month to go but I am begining to feel extremly dehydrated and fatigued. When I think about not fasting and making the days up later, I think making up all those days alone is going to be hard and try to avoid it by fasting with everyone else. Iftar is currently at 6:30pm and I do wake up for suhur every single day. I am not sure what my islamic obligations are in this case, there are so many things I have heard and read and can't quiet figure out which one to go with.

I would hope a Shekh or Imam can answer me about this.
Thank you
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