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Ulamaa ID 04
Me and my friends buy weekly teenage magazines. It's what we've been doing all our teen years. The bit that interests us most it the horoscope page, which we all hurry to as soon as we buy the magazine.

Is it ok to believe in horoscopes? As some of my friends say thay its wrong and others say that our destiny is already written and thats all horoscopes are?
Ulamaa ID 03
I just wanted to know whether we're allowed to eat
shana frozen foods such as : parathas can u please find out for me?

their address is; rubicon house
second way
ha9 oyu

their email address is

Ulamaa ID 04
Assalaamu aly kum
Why do we in books like Taleemul Haq refer to Angels as Hazrat?
Jazaakallah for your time.
Assalam O Alaikum, Please advise me if running/owning a petrol pump in USA which sells beer & lottery tickets is right for a muslim. I am 62 years old and have migrated to USA as my children live here. I can not find a proper job and I do not wish to be a burden on my children. Many muslims are in this business and I have been advised to get into this business.
Ulamaa ID 04

do women have to raise the elbows and forearms during the sujood?? and do the thighs and stomach have to touch during the sujood? and how are the feet meant to be placed during the sujood and while standing and sitting in salah? which is the strongest opinion??
Ulamaa ID 05


i would like to know how to recite allah 's names seperately, for example (1) should we recite: ya rahman or ya ramanoo....or (2) ya hafiz or ya hafizo. jaza khala khair

Ulamaa ID 04
Who is more eligible for leading prayers of the following?
1. An unmarried Hafiz with beard
2. An ummarried Hafiz who shaves beard
3. A Hafiz who is not adult
4. A person who has beard but not Tajweed
5. A person who has not beard but has Tajweed
6. A person who is Hafiz but wants to lead in trousers with shirt tucked in
7. A married person who has all sunnah but no Tajweed
8. An Alim or Hafiz
9. A person who shaves but is very good Qari.
Witr prayer
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam Alaykum.

I just have a couple of questions about the witr prayer:

1. Is the witr prayer supposed to be 1 or 3 raka?
2. At what point do I say the du'a in the final raka, is it before or after I do ruku? The reason I'm asking is because I went to two different mosques, who one doing the du'a after ruku, and one doing it before.
3. When praying witr in groups (e.g. during ramadan) should the du'a be said out loud by the Iman or should each person do their own du'a?

Thank you.

Ulamaa ID 03
Assalaamu 'alaikum

Is it permissible to use a mouthwash that contains ethanol?

JazakAllahu khairan.

Wassalaamu 'alaikum
Ulamaa ID 03
if someone is forced into a marriage through threats and fears for their life, and the marriage is subsequently consummated is it valid?if the other forced party is still refusing to accept it?, i.e the woman, can she still reject it when she is in a safer place?
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