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Ulamaa ID 06
Mera meri biwi ke saath kisi baat par jhagda ho gaya. Jhagde ke waqt main kuch nahin bola, lekin jab dusre din main nahane ke liye gaya to ekdam se pichle kal ki baat yaad aa gaayi. Eesa lag raha tha mano pichle kal ki puri film mere dimaag main wapas chal rahi ho aur main kal wala manzar goya meri aankhon ke samne dekh raha tha, mano main khud hi maazi (past) main chala gaya hun. Usi waqt mere dimag main yeh khayaal aaya ki pichle kaal mujhe aisa karna chahiye tha aur yeh bhi soch raha tha ki aagar wapas meri biwi kal wali harkat kare, to main aisa karoonga aur phir main wapas wohi pichle din ka sara manzar mere dimag main dekhta hun. Lekin iis baar main yeh sochta hun ke main jis jagah pichle din betha tha, wahan se uthta hun aur apni biwi ko to tamache lagata hun. Maine tamache lagane ka ishara apne haathon se bakayda kiya aur phir main talak de rahan hun aur meine 3 time talak, talak , talak kaha. Waise to yeh sab pichle kal ka manzar sochte huye mere khayalon main hi ho raha tha lekin maine apni zubaan se 3 dafa talak, talak, talak aada kiya. Aaad karne se mera matlab yeh hai ki maine usko kaha lekin bagair awaz ke kaha, mere laab to hile lekin koi awaaz na nikli. Mujhe paaka yakeen hai ki aagar koi mere bazu main khada hota to woh usko na sunne paata aur agar farz kare kuch bhinbhinahat si sunta bhi, to use pata nahin chalta ki maine kya kaha. Mujhe aap se mashwara lena hai ki kya is suraat main talaaq ho gayi? Mujhe please iska jawab de kar mere dil par se boojh ko halka karain. Iski wajah se main bahoot beechen hon. Allah aap ko khoob, khoob jazae khair aata kare aur aap ke ilm main aur umar main barkat aata Karen. Aamin. PS: You can write answer in English. - Salim.
Ulamaa ID 04
As salamu aleykum, Are the hadeeths on kissing the thumbs declared authentic by our hanafee ulema? Can we act on this? Was salaam
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamu alaikum,
Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed me with wealth. I have setup cuurent accounts to refrain from interest. My question is this: is it better for me to take the interest and distribute it to the poor without any intention for reward or is it better to leave the interest with the bank?

Women wearing jeans
Ulamaa ID 05


Is it permissible for women to wear jeans under a nikab or at home with a long top?

I mean jeans under her jubbah where they wont be visible to non mehram. Also can she wear them at home where they will be visible but only to her mehram?

Jazzah Khallah

Ulamaa ID 04
Assalamun alaikum

I have a problem emptying my bladder as I cannot empty in one go. I have to sit for a long time 10-15mins and it comes in drops all time (bits at a time e.g. scatted). Afterwards I go to read wudu there is a burning sensation as if I need to pass urine again, now when I do back to toilet it is only a few drops. This buring sensation doesn't go away and is affecting my concentration of namaz as I cannot concentrate becasue of the pain. Outside namaz I a can last 30-45 sometime without having to go to the toilet but during namaz when I am into few mins of reading namaz the pain happens. I have been to the doctors and they said it is nothing. Please tell me what to do.

I have read that if you need toanswer to callof nautre u shouldn't carried reading namaz but this is an ongoing problem out of namaz and during namaz.

I've tried going bac to toile and doing wudu whenever i felt the pain. I can't keep going bac to toilet and do wudu all the time as my concentration and doing the namaz gets spoiled and I feel that the namaz is a burden (astagferullah)

Please help me this is urgent.

I have been ignoring the pain while I am reading namaz (e.g.4 rakats, 12 rakats, 8 rakats,7 rakats and 17 rakats of namaz), is this right.
786 and its origin
Ulamaa ID 04
What is the significance of the number '786' in islam and where does it come from?
Is my cusin shaheed
Ulamaa ID 04
asalam allaikum,
my cusin was died sudden heat attack at the age of 28. heart disease is in our family , every adult who reaches age of 18 years will get heart disease whether he cares , do excersise or not. what is islamic view of that type of sudden death?
second question: i have not preyed farz namaz for 15 years, now i want to pray qadha (qaza). what is the procedure?
Ulamaa ID 03
Jazakallah for your answer, you mentioned "L-cysteine is permissable if it is "suitable for vegetairans", from chicken or duck feathers. It would be impermissable if it is from human hair." So what should one do if hee sees this ingredient, with the suitable for vegetarians sign? can he assume it is of the feathers and not human hair?
Istikharah Signs
Ulamaa ID 09

What are the good signs that you see after doing istikhaara and what are the bad?
Advice re: IVF
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalaamu Alaiykum and Jazaak Allaahu Khaiyra Mouhatram Mufti Sahab I need your kind advice on IVF, as I and my wife are facing a situation where answer is not easily available. We cannot have children due to my extremely low sperm count. The only (possible) Halal way we can have children is through IVF. We live in London and would like to know if it is permissible to have IVF treatment and if it is, on what conditions? In this country we are offered this treatment for free and if we were to go to an Islamic country, it will cost us a lot which we are not in a position to spend. As this procedure involves uncovering the awrah of the woman, we requested that all procedures to be carried out by female members of staff. However, hospital has refused to honour this request and said that if a female doctor is available then she will carry out the procedures and if not, a male doctor will examine the patient. I have done the research re: IVF and have read the answer on your website as well. But the issue I need to clarify is the uncovering of the awrah of my wife in front of the male doctors / nurses. I appreciate that you are quite busy but would request you to spare some time to answer our query to put our mind at rest. We have to inform the hospital if we are going to go ahead with this or not, so it has become quite urgent for us to clarify this. Wassalaam Fuaad
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