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Ulamaa ID 10
is there's any restrictions for a mulim girl to take full hijab including the covering of face?
Chas salat
Ulamaa ID 03
assalamualikum i would like to know what time is chas salat and what time it ends. jaza khala khair
Ulamaa ID 01

I Have been given a leaflet being distributed by Croydon Masjid, regarding fatwas from various Ulama from India, including the main mufti of Deoband, which is saying that we should no follow Saudi, their was a big problem in croydon masjid, the mufti sab is adamant that those that begun ramadhan on tuesday, was shaban, now what is the truth, it is written in the leaflet that the saudi calendar is fixed from the very beginning, I`m trying to find out the truth as their are many brothers and sisters who are very confused about this.


Ulamaa ID 04
Is it Haram to give Mortgage advice to people, when you know you will be helping people with their house buying and not making ridiculous amount of money by selling products that entail good procuration fee to brokers. I have been studying to become a qualified Mortgage advisor and my main motive was to go and help people who have been ripped of by mortgage brokers and ultimately go into Shariah mortgages. I have completed the first two part of my examination and my chose of career has been pricking my conscious.
Itikaaf for women
Ulamaa ID 04
in itikaaf are women aloud to talk to someone not in itikaaf and are they allowed to play with babies
Ulamaa ID 04
I know the prophet SAW said to wear white but I recently herd that there is no hadith saying the prophet wore a WHITE turban!
is this true? coz alhamdulillah ive been wearing a white turban for the past few years
Did the prophet SAW ever wear a GREEEN turban
Ulamaa ID 03
is suitable for kosher foods also suitable for muslims
Ulamaa ID 07
Salam, i have been confused for over 8 years now. In my first year of marriage (september 2001) my wife went to my sisters house against my wish i was angry but after 1 or 2 hours i was just reading bashti zewar on the rules of talaq, out of the blue i just said the word talaq once loudly then i stopped and got worried. ALL i can remember now is when i said the word talaq i had no intention of divorce, i was by my self and when saying the word talaq i dont think i directed to my wife.(but not sure, very confused - cant make conclusion) After many months passed (january 2002) i totally forgot the above issue and i was at work when a person question me on rules of talaq in the prayer room, He was asking me about 3 talaq rule so i was just saying talaq 3 times loudly with no thought at all of my wife or divorce but whilst saying the talaqs loudly a mistake of my wife came in my mind and i think after i directed 2 talaq to her. Does this talaq count because i was going to say 3 talaqs anyway. After this (second) incident i became very confused thinking did i say 2 or 3 talaqs so i made dua to Allah and i saw a good dream and some one saying your wife is your wife. But after many months (april 2002) passed i was sitting in the toilet and i remembered of the first incident. i have alot of doubt if the first incident counts as talaq, after i said it then i thought it counted as talaq but at that time i was very young and did not know the rules. Since then i have had two children and doing the work of deen but this issue is nagging my brain. Im really confused because these incidents happened many years ago and i cant remember that clearly in detail. Please give me a reply as soon as possible.
Assalmu alaykum, To recite with tajweed is wajib in salaah. However whilst reciting what if a mistake is made [i:8d5d522dea]knowingly[/i:8d5d522dea], but one cannot immediatly correct it. So for example one is reading and lets say he is about to recite a letter ha (the heavy ha from the chest) but becasue he cannot understand arabic he forgets whether it was the heavy ha from the chest or the one from the throat he should be reciting. What does he do, which ha should he recite? What if he recites the wrong ha, he is in salaah so he cannot check it immediatly. what if afterwards he checks it and realises that he recited the wrong ha, is his salaah invalid and he must repeat? This also goes for many other letters such as Saad and saa or Tha and taa etc. So must every letter be correctly pronouced from the correct place of origin or if it sounds something like the correct letter it is fine to read it like that. But if this is the case then there would be no differnce in similar sounding letters as for example Saad and saa would be read without distinguishment in salaah. May Allah reward you. was salaam
Whom we can marry
Ulamaa ID 09
assalamalykum, i would like to know if a man can marry his wifes maternal niece at the same time. i have read that a wifes permission is needed for the marriage to be valid?is it true. zazakallah
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