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Islamic Day
Ulamaa ID 09

my question regarding islamic date and day, i've been told that islamic (hijri) day is ended with sunset on salaah maghrib and new date and day started right after salaah maghrib, is that true ? or date is forwarded but the day will be forwarded after salaah fajar ? for instance on the date of 13th ramadhan day will be thursday and after the sunset (salaah maghrib) date will be forwarded to 14th ramadhan does the day of thursday will be ended and friday will be started at same time or it will changed on salaah fajar on next morning ?
actually i want to undergo for hijaamah (cupping) and proposed time according to hadeeth is 17th, 19th and 21 of hirji date and proposed day is thursday, on this month of ramadhan 19th of ramadhan is coming on thursday fortunately which is best time for hijaamah and gregorian calendar date will be 12 of octuber my question is can i undergo for hijaamah after aftar (sunset) of 11th ramadhan does the date and day will be changed according to hijri calendar after the salaah maghrib of 11th ramadhan ?
thanks in advance,
Ulamaa ID 10

why do women get married early
i have contacted tesco with the cheese product i think it was and they said they will have to look up the ingredients information and get back to me. i dont know how long that will take. so what should i do can i eat the food mentioned in the previous post seen as it is unlikely to be haraam?
Ulamaa ID 03

Is it permissible to do yoga excercises as a fitness regime? Obviously cuttin out any meditating activities which may be involved.

Apparently it's an excellent way to keep fit, tone up and strengthen da back bone!

Jazakallah Khair

Using the left hand
Ulamaa ID 04
Why is it that in Islam the right hand must be used for most of the things e.g. giving and taking. Then what about left handers who find it hard to use their right hand?
Eden valley
Ulamaa ID 03
assalmu alaikum
i have heard from numerous people that meat from eden valley is HARAAM i would like to know plz answer

Kufr or Not?
Ulamaa ID 04
Water of Eczema
Ulamaa ID 01
Does the water seeping out from the skin which has eczema, break the wudhu?
Assalamualaikum. Defence Services Officers Provident Fund is a fund where an officer has to deposit some amount of money from his salary every month. Its compulsory. The money remains with the government and government gives a good percentage of interest on the deposit. Though money remains for the officer, but it never comes to his hand until the end of his service. In between, if some one wants to draw some amount of money, he has to give back the same with even a higher percentage of interest. now, my question is, the interest that the government is giving, is it hallal or haram? The second question is, is the deposit of money subjected to zakaah?
I am living in UK for studies. My grand father and father during the government of British in Subcontinent were living in the India and we were called as the lords over there, we had alot of lands and assets there but during the partition we were forced by the English people to leave those lands and house and to move to pakistan without getting any money for it, tell me is it allowed for me to get the loan or anything from here in Uk and don\'t return it back to them and come back to my country.
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