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Ulamaa ID 03
i just wanted to know whether non-brewed condiment is halal
or not? And that what is it? As many halaal foood contain it?

Ulamaa ID 04
Asalamualaikum respected mufti saheb please help with the following: 1. when going toilet should you wash the front first or the back or is there no difference? 2. when washing the back should you put the hand from the front side to the back or direct to the back? 3. after doing istibra and washing myself i put tissue in underwear incase more drops come out and i go and walk around normally. before i do wudhu i take the tissue out. when i am taking the tissue out do i have to wash my private part again? 4. i read that mazi can sometimes come out without a person even realising. if this is the case how will you know if you still have wudhu or not? please help me with these issues. Jazakallahu Khayrun you are doing very very good work for the ummah Insha Allah you will get great great rewards.
How are you my dear brother in islam.
See my aunt married a man out of our family. Her son then married a woman also totally out our family, but THEIR DAUGHTER and i really like each other. Is it permissible for us jet marry? please repley. masha allah
Ulamaa ID 05

can u use aftershaves

Ulamaa ID 09

When a person is on a state where because of the amount of questions being posed to them their iman is becoming weak what should they do? I am becoming alim and the amounts of questions being posed to me now are many. I cannot answer many of the q's and feel very bad for this. This is also putting me off becoming Alim, as i think i do not have sufficient knowledge for this position. I do not think i am worthy of the status or responsisbility. My iman is becoming weak as i feel i do not know anything. This is quite worrying as i am only months away from graduating. Should i just leave?
Ulamaa ID 13
i just wanted to know whether muslim ladies r allowed
to attend keep- fit classes where they have to work to music, even
if the sole purpose is only to keep -fit with no intention to listen to music.


Al Aqsa Mosque
Ulamaa ID 04
Salaam Is the mosque with the golden dome Al Aqsa? coz i read on net that the Al-Aqsa Mosque is not that & the reason why the media keep showing the golden dome is so ppl forget what Al-Aqsa looks like. Also Hard Liner Jews want 2 destroy Al-Aqsa Mosque & want 2 rebuild their Temple. Does it say in the Quran or Hadiths if the Al-Aqsa M. will be destroyed or will it be protected by Allah until the end times. Jazakallah
Ulamaa ID 03
asalam o alikum

Mufti sahib,i cannot find the answer anywhere about neutrogena soaps...(for oily,dry and acne prone skin)
Are they made from pig fat(lard) or vegetable fats or what?I have kept these soaps since 1 year and i am in doubt so they are of no usuage.Please confirm and let me know.
Ulamaa ID 04
I would like to know which are the pet animals allowed in Islam? Is it Permissible to Keep LOVE BIRDS/PARROTS in a House of a Muslim?
Ulamaa ID 04
assalam alaikum,
i used to do paintings,is it allowed that i can paint nature?is it we can present any dolls or paintigs which has human figures to non muslims.
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