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Ulamaa ID 02
assalam alaikum. im in deep trouble. can u please help me out. i had my nikah last year and rukhsati was scheduled to take place this year. after nikah i had physical relations with my husband BUT TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. i.e my virginity is still intact. before rukhsati my husband game me divorce for no fault of mine. my question is..since we have touched i have to undergo iddat. can we remarry after iddat period expires? and since my rukhsati didnt take place im in my parents house..can i go out for work durin iddat?
Ulamaa ID 03
Assalamualaykum. Just a quick question. Can you eat the doritos dips ( hot salsa and sour cream and chive)

Ulamaa ID 01
Assalam Alaiykum, Could someone please help me with my zakah problem, I cannot seem to get any useful help at the moment and I am under great pressure. I would like to know if you calculate zakah on investment or on current value of an investment. Example: I have some shares and their values change on a daily basis, also I bought a diamond for ?1,500.00 as an investment but I do not know its current value. Could someone please let me know the correct way in how I calculate zakah on these two examples. Last year I calculated the shares on their value using the FT newspaper and calculated the diamond on the amount I paid for it which is ?1,500.00. I was also told that the diamond falls under Khums by Islamic Centre of England which is 20% of the value instead of 2.5% which is zakah. Is this correct or does it only apply to shia sources? Also would I need to re-value the diamond, if so, who will do this for me. Your swift reply would be most appreciated as my year-end is in two weeks. Thank you Wassalam Syed

Assalamualikum Mufti saheb,

Is it permissible to pray in Salaat if there is:

1. an open-fire/gas fire in front of you?

2. a large mirror in front of you?

Wearing a ring
Ulamaa ID 04
I know it is Sunnah to wear a silver ring for males. Could you provide which hand and finger it should be worn on, and whether the stone should be on the outside or inside of the hand. I was told that it should be on the inside, is this correct?
Hair dye
Ulamaa ID 03
assalaamu alaikum i read a previouse question about using hairdye containing hydrogen peroxide and that it was permissable.i wanted to know if ammonia was permissable to use on your hair also.please could you let me know as soon as possible much appreciated.

What is the way to raise the index finger in tashahhud? I ask this because some say : 1:When you reach LA make a ring and raise your index finger and at ILL ALLAH you put it down (and hold the ring with the lowered streched index finger until the end of salaah) 2. Some say the same as above but when saying ILL ALLAH you must put your hand back in original position back (on your thigh) 3. Some say just keep your hand on your thigh and raise the index finger (without making a circle ) at LA ILAHA and put i down at ILL ALLAH. Which one is the correct? According to my view the first is the most correct one in accordance with the hadeeths in this subject. Can you elabrote more on it? Please quote with proofs
Ulamaa ID 04
I wanted to know what is the proper way to perform ghusl ?
Ulamaa ID 04
Is it Haram to give Mortgage advice to people, when you know you will be helping people with their house buying and not making ridiculous amount of money by selling products that entail good procuration fee to brokers. I have been studying to become a qualified Mortgage advisor and my main motive was to go and help people who have been ripped of by mortgage brokers and ultimately go into Shariah mortgages. I have completed the first two part of my examination and my chose of career has been pricking my conscious.
Ulamaa ID 11
assalamu alaykum.
i am convert to islam and i married. my husband lives not in U.k coz he got refusal to enter U.K but from the first time we met i been going to see my husband 2 times a year insha Allah.
as you can imaging this seperation is hurting us very much and i have spend no end of money on documents for the marriage plus the embassy plus my travel to my husband has no job so all comes from me.
i am a nature loving person and like to be in nature and through nature Allah called me to Islam this call has come before i even known my husband ..alhamdulillah
over 2 years i know my husband now and through this difficult time and my husband has no incombe i worked many many hours i had to sell my car too.
Finally i had a Window and i was able to get a car again to drive to nature and sit on top of a lonely mountain there i feel Allah so close to me and it is a wonderful feeling enable to feel this again and to thank Allah for giving me this felling.
But my husband has other ideas he things i dont need a car and it was wrong from to by a car. i have told him tonite that i like to be close to nature again and that i miss this in my life .
in this 2 years i known my husband i have grown older by 20 years not 2 years coz all i do is work work work.....
is my husband right with saying to me that i dont need a car ?
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