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Ulamaa ID 03
Respected mufti saheb,

I am in a dilemma. During the night whilst lying in bed I decided to place my head on top of my husbands hand who i thought was next to me. However I didn't realise that my baby son was still sleeping behind me. So my head touched my son's hand. As soon as my head touched it I realised it was my sons hand and i moved away. Has my husband become haraam on me forever?
Ulamaa ID 03
Asalamu Alaykum

Having read the NIHT article I find that their ruling is based on scientific evidence. The Mufti from Zambia provides none. Having contacted Mufti AK Hoosain from Channel Islam, he concurs with the NIHT view. Why the discrepancy?


Asalamu Alaykum
Ulamaa ID 02


Is it necessary to tell the person whom I'm giving the

money as zakat that the money is given to him or her as zakat.

Hajj e Badal
Ulamaa ID 04
Assalam u alaikum. I wish to perform hajje badal for a deceased relative. I've performed my own fard hajj but dont have the money to finance this second hajj. I have therefore asked family members to help finance the trip but those that I have asked have not been to hajj themselves. They are all alhamdulillah wealthy enough to be able to finance my trip and still have enough savings to go on hajj themselves but choose not to/aren't in a position to go themselves yet-can they still give money for my trip? will my hajj still be valid? Also although their income is from halal sources, they don't all pay zakat, and some still receive interest (ri'ba) in their bank accounts. Would it be allowed to accept money from them in this circumstance? even if the amount i'm receiving could easily have been earned from their halal incomes and not necessarily be taken from the interest (ri'ba)? Jazakallah Khair. Wasalam
Ulamaa ID 10
Asaaamu alaikum,

i would like to know where exactly has it been mentioned in the quran or hadith that it is compulsary for women to observe niqab? from what i have gathered that the scolars have recently decided for it be compulsary on a woman.

Istigarah for umrah
Ulamaa ID 04
is there such thing as doing 'istigarah' for performing Umrah?if not then why, as this isn't fardh upon a muslim.if you don't mind could you please email me the answer asap.
Ulamaa ID 12
Assalamu Alaikum, There is a woman who was abused by her husband who was an alcoholic, so therefore, she left her country to come to North America. She thought she was divorced automatically because someone told her that fact she was away from her husband for one year, she becomes automatically divorced. She met a muslim man at work and he confirmed to her that she indeed was not divorced, in her situation. As they got to know each other, they fell in love and even committed zina. Finally, the woman got her divorce papers, and completed her iddah period. During the iddah, both man and woman stopped seeing each other, and felt remorse and guilt for their sins, and made taubah and repented to Allah. They're planning on getting married soon inshaAllah, so I wanted to know if their marriage is valid? I heard that there are a few scholars of the Maliki maddab who say that a man who spoils the marital status of a woman is not allowed to marry that woman. But most scholars have agreed that this marriage would still be valid. And the man is not sure if he falls under this category because the woman already had intention to divorce before she met him. Also, the man is of Hanafi school thought and the woman is of Shafii if this helps. Even though the majority of scholars say that marriage is valid, I wanted to be clear and know the correct view inshaAllah if they may marry and worship Allah throughout their halal marriage. Please advise, JazakhAllah kheir.
i have contacted tesco with the cheese product i think it was and they said they will have to look up the ingredients information and get back to me. i dont know how long that will take. so what should i do can i eat the food mentioned in the previous post seen as it is unlikely to be haraam?
Ulamaa ID 04
Is it allowed in islam to beat childern to teach them quran. I was told by many people that it is allowed infact necessary to beat children to make them hafiz or teach quran. Once my cousin's son mulana punched him in the stomach when he made a mistake causing the child to vomit, when appoarched by his parents the mullana said that he did not do anything wrong infact the only way to make chilren hafiz is to beat the severely if they make a mistake and that this is alowed in islam. Are we allowed to hit chilren on head or face, or hit them in a manner that marks are left on their bodies or great pain is caused. please give me some references from prophet (saw) life & sayings
Boar bristles 2
Ulamaa ID 03
jazakallah for your answer. The answer by mufti ibn adam you provided was refrerring to someone coming directly into contact with a brush ( e.g hairbrush). I was not asking about direct contact with a brush. If you can explain to me the answer to my question from the answer of muft adam i would appreciate it.
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